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V is the vein that I will use, to tease u and please u making u ooze
A is the ache that I kno I’ll feel, when u get on your knees instead of taking me for a meal
L is the length I’m gona get, but slow down take yor time this is starters yet
E is for your erection that shall be my main, that glorious sweet spot the pleasure the pain
N is my nipple u’ll lick and suck making sure I am wet and ready to fuck
T is yor touch so soft and gentle knowing where it will lead is driving me mental
I is for the intensity we share when u ride me from behind and pull on my hair

N is the naughty night I’ll spend with u not stood at the bar in some over priced queue

E is for the erotic revolution for this is the way forward, the only solution
S now we come to the last letter S for sumptuous and sensual and everything sex
So my message to u all u love struck and horny
Put down your wallets and click on some porny
It’s much better to stay in and celebrate your devotion
With a bottle of oil and a fragrant love potion
Than pay over the odds for a 2 for 1 meal
When u could be at home coping a feel

Enjoy each other on lovers day
Missy C πŸ™‚ xxx