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Well just when you think you’ve heard it all before…Yes apparently there are actual competitions to find the worlds best at  ‘Air Sex’.

All in front of a live audience, and it’s heading to Britain! 

Well, blow me!

Well, blow me!

Contestants act out a sexual experience with an invisible partner, This includes meeting their ‘partner’, seduction, foreplay and intercourse. 

Air sex championships

Oh i’m gonna win with this routine for sure!

The championships’s founder has said that he will launch the next competition in the UK.

Men or women have to impress the judges with acts of a sexual experience with an invisible partner that is part-romance and part-comedy, all done to a soundtrack of their choosing.

"I want this more than anybody"

“I want this more than anybody”


Super cunnilingus Man?

Super cunnilingus Man?

The ‘sport’ was invented in a Tokyo karaoke bar by a group of single men-go figure ;0 and this was back in 2006. The first official ASWC were in 2009.


Hmmm I'll have some of what she's having! ;)

Hmmm I’ll have some of what she’s having! 😉

Chris Trew, founder of the Air Sex World Championship, said in the Daily Mail: ‘Imagine something we think about every day – sex – turned into a sport where the goal is to make people laugh.

I like the sound of that!

Got my lucky socks on, so there's no stopping me now! ;)

Got my lucky socks on, so there’s no stopping me now! 😉

Well I certainly wouldn’t enter, but I’d love to go and watch for amusement value, so…bring it I say!

Kitty x