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Camper coitus

So, I was meant to write a review of a sex toy. My weapon of choice was to be the remote control, vibrating love egg.
I had brought this a good few months ago and after having a very brief try out, it had been left in my naughties draw.
When I came to get it for the review I found that the batteries had run down, so I replaced all 6!! (Why does a tiny egg need 6, expensive, batteries?!) but in the name of sexual research I shelled out, only to then find that it still didn’t work!! Highly frustrated and annoyed at the cost of this, frankly not worth it, toy, I started to think which other toy could I review, which one did I go to most often, gives me most pleasure and most of all is reliable.
Then it hit me, not your most obvious choice but of late my most used ‘toy’ had been our newly acquired campervan!!

Buying this little beauty has opened up a whole new sexual avenue. We go away in her (yes she’s a she) most weekends and so at first it was guaranteed sex every weekend, and very inventive sex at that as you can’t resort to the tried and tested positions in such a cramped space. Also the cooker hood has a very reflective surface, leading to many saucy views of each other (very hot)
So far we have managed to break the bed. The thing was obviously not built for vigorous humping, then i nearly got shagged out of the side door as it popped open during a vigourus rear entry. Fortunately it was night and I didn’t fall all the way out 😀
But the good thing is this has lead to very slow and sensual sex on the bed.
So my point is a sex toy doesn’t have to come in the usual form. Get out there and be inventive. Especially if yor in a long term relationship.

I’ll be posting soon about how our campervan has led to much Car park shenanigans.

So next time you see a camper parked up, don’t knock if it starts to rock 😉

love y’all, Miss Creant

Image courtesy of http://www.drawingbusiness.co.uk/imageengine/fullsize/vw-cover.png