About me…Miss Creant

About me…

Hi y’all, I’m Miss Creant and my name suits me well because I like behaving badly.
I’m currently 42 years old in age and about 20 at heart and plan to stay that way.
I love my life, my family and my friends and in recent years have worked far too hard.
It’s now time to balance that out a bit and bring in more fun with afore mentioned loved ones.
I find it funny how, when we’re very young we love everything new, then when we’re young we feel like we have all the answers. As we get older we feel like we don’t know anything. And as we get older still, we hopefully realise that we had it right in the beginning, it’s the new and discovering that’s the fun part.

So that’s why I’m here to share my experiences and learn new ones from YOU.

We all have tough times but ultimately life (for me anyway) is all about fun and learning. And sex and naughty fun is a huge part of that.

I discovered sex at a very early age and unfortunately for me I had no-one to guide me. So I learnt the hard way (ooer, sorry no pun intended) and for a lot of years mistook sex for love. I went and had a lot of ‘love’ in my life 😉

I do believe that this still happens for a lot of our younger generation and hopefully with being more open and honest about the joys of sex and relationships, together we can change this.

My aim is to bring you poems, stories, thoughts, tips and suggestions that will evoke inspiration and debate.

Look forward to hearing from you xxx

3 thoughts on “About me…Miss Creant”

  1. Dear Miss Creant,
    I’m Tickled to meet you, and your name is exactly how I too behave 😊


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